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Industrial informatics and MES development in the field of Metals

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More then 20 years of experience

Welcome to Nomen d.o.o. - software engineering, Industrial & Business applications

Nomen is continuously active for more than 21 years.

About Us

Nomen d.o.o. is a Rijeka-based software engineering house specialized for system, business, and industrial applications, having its core business in the industrial informatics and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) development and deployment in the field of Metals. Nomen is continuously active for more than 21 years. Regarding past and future: Our main past references can be identified by various industrial implementations of our own ERP System, and number of consulting and maintenance services. Our actual targets are advanced Level 1.5 to Level 2.5 Systems for industrial processes, Level 2 to Level 3 integrations, as well as Level 3 (MES) to generic ERP (SAP R/4, for instance) integrations.

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